Admission open for the AY 2024-25

Admission open for the AY 2024-25

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Kanasu focuses mainly on self-esteem, good personal habits, cognitive development, and language development, development of motor skills, development of artistic expressions, and development of emotional intelligence. All these are very important to understand and learn at a tender age. Kids have fun while they learn & experience something new each day.

We follow the syllabus of “Early Childhood Care and Education – ECCE” under the guidelines of ” National Education Policy -NEP” there are 5 fundamental factors of books, which is very important for kids for their best foundation. They are
1. Linguistic
2. Cognitive
3. Creative
4. Social and Emotional
5. Gross and Fine Motor

Kanasu provides a safe infrastructure, ensuring parents peace of mind while their little ones enjoy and learn.
Every weekend the whole centre and toys will be sanitized.
We use safety locks and gates to allow preschoolers to explore safely. Indoor play area and outdoor play area use equipment/toys that are appropriate for preschoolers. Each classroom and washroom have kids friendly furniture and sanitary ware.

At Kanasu we are more focused on child’s self esteem, good personal habits,
fine motor skills, gross motor skills, cognitive development, language development.
We are also concentrating on academic performance which is essential for the future of the child.
As we learn things in a more creative & fun way. Kids tend to acquire knowledge easily & quickly.

Primary language for interaction is English language. However, we communicate with kids in their mother tongue during the initial days eventually kids start understanding English language & communicate in English.

  • You can register yourself on Kanasu website.
  • You can call our contact number which is available on Kanasu website.
  • Walk-in to our centre with prior notice & see the centre talk to our administration team & get the admission done.

We have a pair of uniform for school children. We encourage our children to wear uniform on every Mondays & Fridays. Uniform fosters a sense of belonging among children. A well-groomed student in a neat and clean uniform natural tends to be more focused and disciplined. 

Fee structure vary from class to class. We suggest parents to visit the centre & talk to our administration team for the fee structure.

We understand the fact that most parents are working and have full time jobs. But, we request parents to involve themselves in celebration (Father’s day, Grandparent’s day, Art exhibition, Mother’s day, Women’s day, Annual day, PTMs) that takes place at Kanasu. We encourage communication with our educators during the regular running of the academic year and participate actively along with your child in all the school events throughout the year.

At Kanasu we provide day-care facility. Timings for day-care is 08:30 AM to 06:00PM. Parents can opt the timings as per their choice. Fee structure for day-care depends on the timings opted by the parents.

Day-care children will have play based learning & activities every day. Children will have a specific sleeping room with a dedicated bed for each child. Children will have breakfast, lunch, evening snacks, nap time all scheduled accordingly.

Kanasu day-care will work as per parent’s requirement & child’s nature to adapt to the surrounding.